ToyTLM is a three dimensional Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) code that is published under the GNU General Public License.  It is the first in the ToyBoxTLM series of codes, and it illustrates in clearly commented source code the basic tasks in implementing a simple 3D TLM simulation.

TLM is a full wave time-domain local-operator algorithm for solving Maxwell''s equations.  Don''t let the name fool you, in this situation `Transmission Line'' is actually an abstraction that allows the set of coupled differential equations to be solved in a different manner.  This uniquely different manner has some very interesting properties which can be seen in the ToyTLM code.

ToyTLM is initially geared to solve a shorted waveguide problem.  This is a nice relatively simple problem space that most people have covered before in basic EM or physics courses.  It is also very straightforward in terms of geometry and materials specification which keeps the algorithm from being lost in vast amounts of `care-and-feeding'' code.



This alpha release should be functional for you, yet there are only spartan README files and simulation examples.  Expect more to come.  The code is well documented and should be adequate for the moment.

Spartan page?  Well, it IS alpha source.  Consider yourself forewarned.  Check back again to obtain a upgraded release.  If you have ideas or possible upgrades, please send them in.